2019 Reunion at Camp Ranachqua – Planning


Planning Your Trip to Camp

Medical Forms

Everyone coming to camp (adults, teens and children) must povide a signed Ten Mile River Medical form.  While the information requested is quite extensive it is what is normally required of all adults and Scouts attending camp. However for the needs of the Reunion, it will suffice if you provide applicable information and answers to questions to the best of your ability and recollection. It is very important that you sign the form where indicated, though a doctor’s signature is NOT required.  You will NOT be able to stay at camp unless you provide a signed medical form.  Blank forms will be available at check in time in case you misplace or forget your copy.

Click this link or the icon at left to download the medical form.

Things to bring with you to Camp.

The linked checklist is a suggestion compiled from  previous experience  both as scouts at camp and attending reunions in the past, as well as information from the Ten Mile River Family Camp website. While each cabin is fully furnished with: a double, bed and two single bunk beds with mattress pads; a sink with hot and cold running water; a gas stove; electricity; and a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower.  The provisions to utilize those amenities including: bedding and pillows; pot, pans, dishes and utensils;  towels, paper products and cleaning supplies are NOT provided.  Food, of course, is also NOT provided.

As you may remember, weather at Ten Mile River in late August and early September is potentially quite variable. Hopefully we will have a nice weekend. However It may be summer-like hot, rather chilly, or somewhere in between.  Rain (even torrential downpours) is always possible, though hopefully brief.  Even when daytime highs are in the mid 80s, temperature can drop precipitously in the evening into the 40s or below.  The cabins are not really heated or air conditioned, though generally their environment is more moderated than the outside temperature.  The checklist suggests gear appropriate to both extremes and particularly blankets and outerwear to account for cooler nights.

Hopefully the linked checklist will answer most of your additional questions.

Click this link or the icon at left to see and download the checklist.

Maps and Directions to Camp

Most of us have not been to Ten Mile River in quite awhile. To assist you in finding your way there, we have used Google MyMaps to create some maps and capture driving directions in downloadable (PDF) form. Turn-by-Turn directions are supplied from the most common locations: East and South (Westchester, Connecticut) and West and South (New Jersey, Delaware) Both these routes ultimately converge on NY Route 17W.  In addition to the driving directions, the attached document also provides a short list of “Places to Shop” along the way where you might pick up supplies, food or other required provisions.

Please also note, that once you enter Ten Mile River Scout Camps you may be driving on unimproved or dirt roads so use caution and moderate your speed as appropriate to conditions. Once inside Ten Mile River we will post additional temporary signs to help you find Family Camp and the check-in location.

If you are coming from another direction entirely we would suggest you use this link to Google  which is at the intersection of NY Route 55 and Crystal Lake Road and either print the driving directions provided or use your cell phone navigation application to guide you from your location to that intersection. Then use the directions  titled “Driving Directions from Entrance to Ten Mile River Scout Camps to Family Camp”  in the attached document to navigate within Camp. Do NOT try to use automated, GPS-based driving assistance within Camp as it may take you on routes that are not well maintained and difficult to pass.

Click this link or the icon at the left to download the Maps and Driving Directions.

Getting Around Within Camp

Once you are in Camp these driving and walking maps and directions will assist you in  getting from Family Camp by driving to the TMR Museum at Headquarters Camp, driving to the Ranachqua Dining Hall, or walking to the waterfront.

Click this link or the icon at the left to download these Maps and Directions.

 Check back here – Additional resources may be added to this page from time to time.