College Assistance Grant Program



      • An active member of a traditional Bronx SCOUTS BSA Troop
      • Will graduate high school in 2023 and enter college during the next academic year

Ranachqua Foundation was established more than 65 years ago by Bronx Boy Scouts who, during the summer months, attended the Ten Mile River Scout Camps.  The summer camp experience provided them with early leadership opportunities that, to a large degree, significantly affected their lives.  To encourage others to partake in this program, they raised funds to provide campership money for Bronx scouts who would otherwise not be able to attend summer camp. 

In 2000, we established the “HIRSCH-RANACHQUA COLLEGE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM.”  The purpose of this program is to provide funds to Bronx Scouts who are members of a traditional Bronx troop, are graduating high school seniors, and are about to enter college in the Fall, for the purpose of helping with the costs of books, transportation, etc.  Selection is based on the evaluation of the applicant’s record of leadership and service to Scouting and the community, rather than on financial need.

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This fund has been financed in large part by an endowment from the late Rhoda K. Hirsch,
in memory of her husband, Sol S. Hirsch.

A graduate of CCNY, the Sorbonne, and University of Grenoble, Mr. Hirsch was a news correspondent in France and for the Reuters news agency, and an editor with the Office of Inter-American Affairs.  He served as a U.S. Army intelligence officer in WWII, assigned to the Office of Strategic Services, a forerunner of the CIA, in France and Luxembourg.  After the war he joined the Foreign Service, serving four years as a press officer in Paris and then Washington. His final job was as head of the editorial division of the USIA’s International Press Service.  A camper and member of the camp staff at Camp Ranachqua at T.M.R.  Mr. Hirsch credited his Boy Scout experiences as a major influence on his success later in life.

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In 2023, students will be selected who will be starting college in the Fall.  They will receive an award of $1,250 per year from Ranachqua Foundation.  These students will be eligible to continue to receive the award for each of the following years in college (up to 4 years total, over a 6-year period) if they maintain good standing in college and continue to be involved in appropriate community service and leadership.

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New Hirsch-Ranachqua College Assistance Grant Forms
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