Raffle – Spring-Summer-2022 Mets – Yankees

METS and YANKEES Baseball Sports Memorabilia Raffles
to benefit the

Our Campership Fund provides funds to Bronx Boy Scouts who are attending summer camp at Ten Mile River. 

The cost of attending summer camp at Ten Mile River has risen substantially, since our founders attended Camp Ranachqua in the 1920’s and 1930’s, at a cost of $15 for two weeks. 

While our CAMPERSHIP FUND is supported, in large part, by membership dues and donations, we also hold raffles and events during the year to benefit the fund.

There are two separate raffles for New York Yankees memorabilia and New York Mets memorabilia.

We encourage members, friends, and scout leaders to make multiple copies of our raffles and to sell to friends, relatives, and scouting families.  The mailing address is on the form.

All stubs and monies must be received by July 8th, 2022.  The drawing will be held on July 9th, 2022.

Each of the raffles has its own links below. Click or either or both to access the raffle forms.

New York METS Baseball Sports Memorabilia RAFFLE LINK

New York YANKEES Baseball Sports Memorabilia RAFFLE LINK